Woodland Garden

Woodland Walk

A shady haven for hand holders, day dreamers and tree huggers

Nature envelops you here in the Woodland Garden

What could be more relaxing than a stroll on the Helen M. Whitehouse Boardwalk? You pass beneath a canopy of trees and greenery and experience what this area of Cleveland, "The Forest City," was like 300 years ago. A rippling natural stream runs through this dense woodland. Beech, hemlock, maple, wild cherry, as well as black gum, tulip poplar and ash trees are all around. Trilliums, dutchman's breeches, Jack-in-the pulpit, Virginia blue bells and Solomon's seal are just a few of the many Ohio wildflowers you see along the way.
Explore this special forest on your own or with a date. Hidden bridges and tucked-away benches off the beaten path invite you to sit while you absorb the awe of nature.