Katherine Philipp Geis Terrace

Geis Terrace

Meet up in the city's outdoor living room

The Katherine Philipp Geis Terrace is a hotspot for gatherings big and small

From early spring to late fall, garden parties of all kinds converge on the welcoming Geis Terrace. It's a perfect place for an al fresco lunch with family, or an outdoor spot to enjoy a glass of wine and story with friends. Seasonal plantings immerse you in an ever-changing atmosphere. Delightfully surprising plantings put a smile on your face and provide food for conversation.

The centerpiece of this space is the 74 foot-long William E. Conway Family Reflecting pool featuring crowd-pleasing aquatic varieties of plants. Floating atop the pool's inky water you might spot painterly water lilies, majestic lotuses, or uncommonly beautiful mosaic plants native to Central and South America.