Hershey Children's Garden

HCG Kids

Step inside a storybook

Big smiles come from dirty hands in Hershey Children's Garden

Boys' and girls' spirits soar and they find themselves at home splashing in a whimsical fountain, exploring kid-sized structures, and coming face-to-face with playful plants and creatures.

Kids 3 to 93 can play the day away in this enchanting botanical wonderland. Hidden paths wind through tall grasses. Young pirates and princesses climb up to the coolest treehouse ever. Aspiring gardeners help the kooky scrounger's garden plantings grow using water drawn from big red pumps. And curious kids fish with their fingers for brilliant orange goldfish in a frog-filled pond.
Parents and grandparents love getting the little ones playing outdoors, while they get to be in a rich, green environment. It's a family outing with something for everyone and where everyone wants to come back.